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Dr Nessrin Shaya

Associate Dean, College of Education - American University in the Emirates

Associate Dean/Assistant Professor at the College of Education, American University in the Emirates, Dr. Shaya is a holder of PhD in Education, with a background in Mathematics and Statistics. Dr. Shaya has more than 12 years of experience, teaching a variety of Mathematics and Statistics courses, for Education, Engineering, Business and Design students. She headed a number of departments and her experience expands towards reforming institutional general education programs, mathematics curriculum design and modification, and transitioning towards blended/online learning environments. At the level of high schools, she is proficient in guiding best mathematics instructional practices, technology integration into classrooms, and supporting emerging schools in developing their systems, departments and processes. Her research is primarily focused on country readiness and implementing online learning systems, optimizing instruction design for e-learning programmes, the integration of advanced mathematical software and the influence of World Bank education programs on Middle East economies.