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Christine Simmonds

Chief Executive Officer - Education - Fujairah National Group

Christine Simmonds is a multi-skilled education strategist with extensive experience leading all aspects of educational leadership from concept design, pre- and post-operations, start-up, school evaluation, marketing, mentoring, to turnaround and acquisition. She was a highly respected founder leader of Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau in the role of Director of Quality and Standards. During her time with KHDA she was central to the creation of the UAE Handbook for Inspection, the Self-evaluation Framework for schools and the Inclusion Framework for Dubai. Her more recent successes include the design of The Aquila School, winner of the UAE Best Education Design, which opened in Dubai, in 2018. Christine is known worldwide for transforming schools and supporting countrywide education strategy. She is lauded as an expert at placing self-evaluation at the heart of school improvement. She is currently Chief Executive Officer for Diyar Education, part of the Fujairah National Group.